About Us

Who are The Painted Turtle
The Painted Turtle is an all year round camp in California ..  founded by Meat’s dear friends Page and Lou Adler with Paul Newman. It is part of The Serious Fun Children’s Network, which has similar camps around the world, and fulfills Paul’s vision of a place where children with chronic or life-threatening conditions could go to fulfill their full potential whilst having fun .. something all children should be able to experience. All the medical care, medication, and expensive equipment these children need is provided so that they can exceed their own and others’ expectations, become all they can be and, often for the first time in their young lives, not be the one who is “different”  .. and at the same time make friends with other kids with similar challenges, forging friendships that last for years.
All this is provided at no charge .. The Painted Turtle has no billing department.  But perhaps the best way to convey its value is to quote a child from camp ..
“Something magic happens when you go through the gates of The Painted Turtle camp. You forget about hospitals, doctors, treatments and medicine .. instead you build birdcages, go fishing, do things you thought you’d never be able to do, make friends .. and just have fun and be normal like other kids!”
This is the camp Meat took to his heart, and when he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, and we saw the emotional connection he has with the camp and these children, so did we 🙂  It is staffed largely with volunteers, doctors, nurses, and helpers many of whom once attended camp as a child themselves. It is a wonderful place, a magical place, that empowers  children who every day face more challenges than most of us face in our lifetime  .. and every dollar we send enables it to continue, to bring smiles and laughter to children whose only difference is their medical condition which for a few days or a week they can set aside, and learn to be greater than they ever thought whilst laughing and having fun. The funding also helps The Painted Turtle take their serious fun beyond camp through outreach programmes to children who are in hospital and not robust or well enough to attend camp.
You can read more about The Painted Turtle here:
Who are Loafdom For The Turtle
Loafdom For The Turtle was established over 6 years ago as an accredited Affiliate of The Painted Turtle (TPT), itself a registered non-profit organisation. We started by selling wristbands, a few pieces of Bat themed jewellery, and a range of items in our CafePress shop. Over the years we have added much more jewellery, gift items like metallic card cases and perfume sprays, and what we term Meat Loaf memorabilia .. autographed LPs, ML guitar pick pendants, and items of jewellery he has worn on stage to help us. All purchases are made via Paypal, a safe and secure site. We have no access to your card information, so do not need to be a “secure site” as defined by Google, and only Jenna Gray our E-Commerce Systems Manager (along with The Painted Turtle and Meat) has access to the LFTT Paypal account, and makes payments to TPT and refunds postage costs and unit costs as items sell to stockist/distributors.
We have raised thousands of dollars, and our prices are very competitive (we have no overheads to meet save those like web costs and packaging which we meet ourselves) and low shipping charges. This autumn we will be launching our revamped website, selling good quality silver jewellery, Meat Loaf memorabilia, and a few gift items. Largely what we ask for a item is no more than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, or perhaps a coffee and a muffin .. and every cent we get over basic item unit cost and a small postage charge goes to The Painted Turtle and to make a sick child smile, laugh, and become more powerful. When you buy from us .. you help create magic!

Our Team

Project Manager and Distributor – Caryl Burton
E-Commerce Systems Manager – Jenna Gray