Tour Thanks

Summer 2012

In the summer of 2012 LFTT went to a number of Meat’s shows on his Mad Mad World Tour in the USA, with his blessing, to sell wristbands, blinky bats and jewellery to raise money for The Painted Turtle.
We raised a grand total of $3,325 for The Painted Turtle, and have another kind supporter who will be selling at the show in Minnesota, which should raise that figure further.

We owe thanks to so many people in addition to those who made purchases (including Patti and Paul), to Frances and Kelly who bought from us and helped us at the Meet & Greets, and to Meat who supported us all the way and wears our Multi Skull pendant every night on stage.

Thanks to those who made donations towards funding our venture:
Marilyn Burrell, Jenna Gray, Michelle Hall, Shay Jansen, and Lynette Taylor
Karen Zavaglia-Guarino who funded the supply of 100 blinky bats. These sold at $5 each

Thanks to the many who said “Keep the change”. We don’t know your names, but we are grateful for that little extra And thank you to Chris Palmer for that white envelope with a wonderful donation at Atlantic City.

Thanks to those who helped us sell at shows:
Deena B Jarrett (and her friend Kandace Chambers) and Dani Mueller who sold on their own at Austin and Hammond respectively, and Tee Jay Aubuchon who will be selling solo at Minnesota.

And to Marilyn Burrell, Chris Clark, Bobbie Farr, Sue Lacina’s son Jonathan Marko, Suzanne and Jeff Valentine and their sons Chase and Matthew, Sherrie and John Williams, and Amy’s son Alex Wright who all helped us at other shows, and to Alex for selling two bands to some callers at his home when we were out. Alex is autistic, and this sale was very special to us.

And a huge thanks to Amy Wright, who ferried Caryl around so many shows in the North East, and who sold indefatigably at every one of them!

During Caryl’s absence in the UK we were able to continue selling a limited range of jewellery on the site. A big thank you to Maggie Riley who went to Caryl’s each week, and packed and posted out orders around the world for us. Largely because of her we were able to take in nearly $250 in site sales despite Caryl gadding off to see so many wonderful shows! .. and trying to sell her socks off of course

No-one who helped received any gifts or favours, and Mark and Caryl have not taken anything towards the cost of the bands and jewellery we sold. Every cent we took is going to The Painted Turtle.

All of us at LFTT, including Caryl, Mark and Sue who sold at the shows, owe you a huge vote of thanks. Meat says to his fans, “You made me what I am”. We say to you,

“You helped us raise enough to fund 13 full days magical experience at The Painted Turtle for some wonderful children who will forge lasting friendships and change their lives forever, and the bait for at least two sessions of “Kiss and release fishing”

If it wasn’t for you, there would be no us.