What are your postage/shipping costs?
We send wristbands at best possible postal rates; a full list is on our Shipping page, where there is also a link to CafePress’s Shipping costs page. Loafdom Direct jewellery is sent second class post in the UK, and airmail letter or small packet to overseas for a low fixed shipping rate. (Rates are listed on the Loafdom Direct main page). We charge nothing for packaging, which is donated by the individual distributors.

Can I buy more than one wristband?
Yes, of course. That would be great. For postal charges for multiples see our Shipping page; as far as possible they remain the same. Ten bands are sent post free.

Can I sell wristbands?
Yes, we’d be delighted if you want to do this. if you want to sell them to friends just order the number you want. And if you order in sets of 10 there will be no charge for postage.

How long will my order take to arrive?
On our Shipping page we give the class/method of postage we use for posting wristbands depending on the country from which they are sent; Loafdom Direct orders are normally sent from the UK. We cannot guarantee delivery times, as once we have posted orders this is out of our control. Please allow 10 days for domestic post, and 15 days for international post (including Canada). We do not anticipate orders will generally take this long to arrive. We let you know your order has been received and when it will be posted. If after the times above you have not received them, please contact us so we can arrange a replacement order to be sent to you at no charge.

My order hasn’t arrived
Once orders have been posted we have to rely on the postal service used. We ask you to be patient and allow 10 days for domestic post, and 15 days for international post (including Canada), although we do not anticipate bands will generally take this long to arrive. If after this time you have not received them please contact us so we can arrange to send them again at no additional charge. These are low cost items being sold for charity, so we use the lowest cost postal service available, without tracking information, and trust that should the missing order arrive after we have replaced it you will let us know so we can arrange for them to be sent back.

I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I still order?
Currently we only accept Paypal for on-line purchases. We can arrange for you to send payment by alternate means, eg money/postal orders, if you contact us here.

Can I get a wrist band in a different color?
Our range of wristbands are available here and we are only able to offer the designs listed.

Can I get a wrist band in a different size?
Currently we only supply in the one size.

Are your products guaranteed against breakage?
The bands are made of hardwearing silicone, are very robust and extremely unlikely to break in normal wear. We use the strongest and best quality jump rings for our jewellery, which should withstand reasonable wear. Silver will tarnish if left exposed to the air for periods, so we suggest you give it a buff with a jewellery cloth after wear and store it out of daylight. Our jewellery is budget priced, but if you feel it has not provided you with reasonable wear or is faulty please contact us and we will arrange a replacement or refund for the item. We may ask you to return the item and in that case will enclose a stamped return envelope, but we do not return your original postage.

Can I simply make a donation to The Painted Turtle?
Of course, they would be delighted. You can access their donation site from the link given on About The Painted Turtle page. You can also make one-off or regular monthly donations via our site. 100% of all donations received by Loafdom for the Turtle go to the charity at the end of the month received.

Can I order the wristbands personalized with a name/names?
Sorry but we cannot offer that service.

What is the return policy for CafePress?
CafePress offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all products.Their returns/exchange policies are set out on their help page here. They have an excellent customer service department and respond promptly to enquiries if the answer you seek is not listed

What is your returns policy?
If for any reason you do not like your wristband(s) you may return them, in their unopened cellophane packaging, for a refund of the cost of the band(s) only. The same applies to anything you buy from Loafdom Direct, with the exception of calendars, and Christmas Crackers or stockings. Please contact your local distributor for details on how to return bands, Caryl Burton for Loafdom Direct jewellery or magnets. (See our Contact Us page). These are low cost items to raise money to help sick children, and we do not offer refunds on postage.