About Us

Loafdom for the Turtle was co-founded by a small group of Meat Loaf fans who had been moved by the emotional connection to the work of The Painted Turtle Meat showed, and the passion with which he described what they do when he appeared in Celebrity Apprentice. Finding out more about this innovative camp for chronically sick children, we too wanted to add our support through fund-raising activity, particularly as we knew so many fans had expressed a desire to offer their own support. Chantelle Harmse offered to buy a first issue of wristbands, which could be developed into a collection, and be sold on-line, by Meat Loaf fans to other fans, and out of this Loafdom for the Turtle was born.

We approached The Painted Turtle who approved the idea and said they would welcome us as affiliated fund-raisers. Meat has done so much for them they couldn’t be more proud to be associated with him and his wonderful fanbase which have been nothing but magnificent. We in turn are proud to have the support and encouragement of The Painted Turtle in a venture we hope with your support will continue to grow and provide a permanent on-going source of funds to help them in their amazing work.

We commenced trading in August 2011 with our wristbands and CafePress store, and have steadily grown, adding silver jewellery, magnets and seasonal items. Meat has supported us throughout, and The Painted Turtle have been impressed with the continuing support of his fans.

Sadly, one of our founder members, Sue Lacina, passed away in October 2012. Sue was such a warm-hearted and very caring person; a good friend to so many in the Meat Loaf on-line community, and particularly to us, The Painted Turtle, and the children it helps. Sorely missed by all who knew her, and greatly by us, Sue was passionately committed to helping The Painted Turtle, always enthusiastic, and so elated every time she received an order! We will miss her tireless support and her sense of fun, and always remember the compassion she felt for the children helped by The Painted Turtle.

The money we raise is to help such deserving children, and we are mindful of the need to exercise financial safeguards of the funds we raise. For this reason 100% of all commissions on items sold via CafePress go directly to The Painted Turtle, who are the sole nominated beneficiary. Payments for everything we sell direct from our website go securely to the Loafdom Turtle Paypal account, which is managed by our Fund & Purchasing Manager and our Account Manager. Only they have access to the account, as does The Painted Turtle for monitoring and audit scrutiny. Distributors (who will receive re-imbursement of postage costs incurred authorised by the Fund and Account Managers), have no access to the account.

Who We Are

Fund & Purchasing Manager: Mark Snider, BS/BA
Webmaster & Account Manager: Jenna Gray
Co-ordinator with The Painted Turtle: Caryl Burton
Promotional Events: Yevonda Buchele

Wristband Distributors:
Australia/New Zealand: Mel Holmes
UK/Europe/Rest of the world: Caryl Burton
United States of America/Canada: Yevonda Buchele

Jewellery and Magnet Distributor: Caryl Burton

Wedding and Party Favours Distributors: Caryl Burton. Susan Klein