Loafdom for the Turtle was established in 2011 to raise funds for The Painted Turtle, and operates with their full support. Profits from  all items purchased are sent to the charity at the end of each month, and 100% of all commissions from items in our CafePress shop are paid directly by CafePress to them as the only named beneficiary.  This site offers budget jewellery and gifts; some are aimed at Meat Loaf fans, many are not, but we have some great Meat Loaf memorabilia.

Additionally we have a site, AAbacus Jewellery, which offers quality sterling silver jewellery at competitively low prices because unlike most jewellery sites the few overheads we have we meet ourselves. The range is ideal for presents and wedding and party favours, for men, women and children. Again all profits go to The Painted Turtle.


What Is The Painted Turtle?
An innovative year-round camp with a simple, yet challenging and inspiring vision; to provide a life-changing environment which enables seriously ill children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses to reach beyond their own and others’ expectations.Their work is truly extraordinary, as are the achievements of the children who attend.

This was the charity Meat Loaf took to his heart when he agreed to appear in Celebrity Apprentice USA 2011. We are Meat Loaf fans who want to continue to raise money for this remarkable work. Meat has so many fans around the world. We hope you will want to show your support for both our sites by recommending them to family, friends and work colleagues.

What do we offer?

How Can You Order?

  • Directly online, paying through our secure Paypal account.
  • Via email if you do not have a Paypal account and wish to pay using another payment method such as Postal or Money Order. Simply contact the distributor in your region letting us know the items you want to purchase:

How can you help?

  • If you have a web-page you can find information and supporting media/text by visiting the Help Us page.
  • If you want to exchange ideas or ask questions you can use one of the mail links in Contact Us.

We will add to our range of products, and hope you will want to become regular supporters of this great cause. We welcome your ideas and support in publicising what we are doing. So please come in, look around, and above all, be tempted to buy something, and tell your friends. The Painted Turtle Camp provides the gift of a lifetime to many children; laughter, fun, and life-changing personal growth. Their lives will always be full of challenge, but everything they gain during their stay will help them face and meet those challenges throughout their lives with new confidence.You will be helping this happen, and can wear whatever you buy with pride.


Loafdom For The Turtle Benefit Concert

2014 Benefit Packages 2
Our second annual benefit concert will be held in Clovis, California on Saturday 11 October. If you can get there it will be a great night, and tickets can be bought here for $20 (or free for under 12s)
For those who would like to support this major fundraiser but can’t get there we have two souvenir packages:
These will be sent out from the USA for all customers in North America, and from the UK for the rest of the world, post free.

Happy Birthday to Us!


Can you believe that we’re three years old already?

We’re in a celebrating mood and we’ve got some fantastic products at a special price for the month of August as well as giving you a free gift with every order and a solid silver floating heart pendant on a sterling chain for orders over $25.

Go shopping now!!!

There’s never been a better time to support The Painted Turtle.

Donate a Dollar

Click on the image above to donate a dollar (or more!) to this very worthy cause.

Meat Loaf Guitar Pick Pendants : The Ideal Gift

Our Guitar Pick Pendants make the ideal gift for any Meat Loaf fan. Featuring OFFICIAL guitar picks donated to Loafdom For The Turtle by Meat himself, they are available on a selection of chains and start at just $10.50.

Why not buy one for the Meat Loaf fan in your life or treat yourself to one today? All proceeds go to help bring a smile to a chronically ill child’s face.

See the Guitar Pick Pendant in The Meat Loaf Collection


Thank you to Silvia for the wonderful video.

Our Promotional Video

Here is our Promotional Video that you’re welcome to use on your own website or page to help us get the word out about this wonderful cause.

Get all the details you need for downloading and sharing this video HERE as well as some sample text that has been approved by The Painted Turtle.